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With new technologies emerging on a daily basis, it becomes a true challenge to keep your business up-to-date with all of the latest business technology.

In recent times, one of the largest shifts in technology is the adoption and vast utilization of mobile devices in the office. This creates situations where a business that is without a wireless strategy could face negative security and productivity issues.

As such, Merino Computing Concepts has made it a priority to help your business create the perfect network to meet your needs.

Our wireless networking solutions present organizations like yours a way to immediately improve its ability to share and process information.

As a result, your business will enhance its remote computing capabilities; providing your staff with the collaborative and cooperative benefits only a customized wireless strategy can provide.

Furthermore, our wireless design solution provides an avenue for the implementation of a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, which when utilized, can provide your organization with the potential to integrate employees’ devices for further productivity.

By leaning on Merino Computing Concepts to prepare your secure wireless strategy, your office will gain dynamic wireless capabilities that businesses rely on. The superheros at Merino Computing Concepts can streamline your employees’ ability to send and receive the data they need to forge your company ahead.

Our Wireless Design Improves the Speed of Business

The IT Superheros at Merino Computing Concepts understand the makeup of the modern office. As a result, when a company comes to us to design a wireless network, we take a thorough and conscientious approach to ensure that your company’s needs are being met, while providing powerful results. Our certified technicians are proficient in the design and implementation of custom wireless systems.

Whether the solution you need is a simple addition of access points or a complete overhaul of your company’s wireless computing strategy, our reliable professionals work quickly to integrate a wireless solution that fits your company’s needs. We offer LAN and RF planning services that are designed to meet every possible need your organization has in regards to their wireless strategy.

Customized Wireless System Designs to Meet Your Needs

For the growing business, finding ways to improve productivity is key to improving the profitability of your endeavor. By giving your staff the ability to break the tethers of their desks, you give them the ability to use mobile as a tool, not just a distraction. To provide your employees with the most powerful mobile computing capabilities, you need to put a well-designed wireless strategy in place.

The modern worker comes equipped with this capability from the get go. Why not embrace the competitive advantage this presents with a scalable wireless solution that includes a BYOD strategy?

Our IT Superheros work with you to design the system and procure and implement the hardware and software needed for the solution to become a viable part of your company’s in-house computing infrastructure.

A Merino Computing Concepts-designed wireless network will not only support mission-critical applications, it will build a secure, mobile, and cooperative work environment for your staff. We do this by incorporating some of the most dynamic mobile capabilities onto your new wireless network. These options include:

  • Multimedia - We incorporate powerful multimedia streaming options.
  • Wireless anywhere - We can configure a secure and reliable wireless access indoors or outdoors.
  • Vendor access - Provide a portal to allow vendors, guests, and other partners to access the internet from your office, while not abandoning system and user security.

Merino Computing Concepts can present your organization with secure information technology solutions that are proven to build operational efficiency and improve your business’ potential.

To learn more about how our wireless design options can help you build a more productive workplace, or to find out more about Merino Computing Concepts and our IT Superheroes, call us today at (209) 365-6800.

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