Virtualization Implementation for California Businesses

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If you are still using physical servers to operate your business, you may be wasting valuable resources.

At Merino Computing Concepts we know that business technology concepts often confuse people that are not versed with our IT Superhero’s decades of expertise. Virtualization is one of these concepts. To understand virtualization, you need to understand how you utilize your business’ current technology.

Nowadays, computers are essential in the workflow of any company. As a result, every business needs to have certain elements of an IT infrastructure in place to effectively compete. Making up this essential business technology have traditionally been: Servers, switches, routers, workstations, monitors, and accessories.

The cost of the hardware and software alone is substantial, but once you factor in the cost of managing and maintaining these systems, you are looking at a make-or-break business expense. This is where virtualization becomes most useful.

Virtualization is the act of transferring data, storage, processing power, and more from a physical computing resource to a virtual computing resource. In essence, you are simulating the actions of a computing infrastructure, environment, or application within the confines of a partitioned server or larger data center rather than the multiple physical servers you would have used under traditional computing models.

How Virtualization Can Help a Business

Your average company is using their technology inefficiently. In fact, the typical business server has a utilization rate of between 5% and 15%. This means that up to 95% of your server’s computing power is being wasted. With virtualization services, you can fix this deficit.

A virtual server is more efficient and does not force you to dedicate space, money, or time to it. This is done through the use of hypervisor technology. The hypervisor is a piece of software that divvies up the resources of a single server equally, allowing that server to run many separate virtual machines on it. This is what allows you to get high-degrees of efficiency and consolidate many of your organization’s computing processes.

Slash Operating Costs With a Virtualized Server

By relying on virtual servers, your organization can eliminate, or greatly reduce, the need for physical servers. By engaging fewer pieces of hardware, you'll spend less money on maintenance and energy costs. As a result, your company will see increased efficiency in both your hardware’s capabilities and your company capital. Find out more about server implementation, design, and virtualization here.

Scalable and Affordable Hosted Desktop Solutions

Your business doesn't need multiple physical servers to host it’s applications. Take advantage of the versatility and efficiency a virtual server offers for your application needs. Benefits include:

  • By using multiple virtual servers, you can run multiple applications without the clutter of physical servers.
  • Some of your applications might only work on older operating systems. Preserve the applications you know and trust by taking advantage of the versatility virtualization provides. It works with a number of different operating system configurations customized to suit your business's needs.
  • Virtualization eliminates the risk of applications not being compatible with a particular operating system.

To read more about hosted desktop virtualization services, go to our Desktop Virtualization page.

Avoid the Pain of Lost Data by Instituting an Off-site Hosting Strategy

If disaster strikes your business, a physical server may be susceptible to failure. Keep your valuable data and applications safe and redundant inside a hosted server. By reducing the amount of physical servers your business relies on, your recovery time after a disaster is maximized.

Since the IT Superheros at Merino Computing Concepts are changed with the management and maintenance of these systems, you will gain peace of mind that your data is protected.

Connect to the Cloud

Cloud computing is everywhere. The first step toward moving your business to the cloud is by virtualizing your data. By relying on hosted infrastructure or desktop, you are able to provide your staff the mobility they need to remain productive when they are away from the office.

Increase Uptime and Productivity

Having many physical servers can hinder your company’s operational efficiency and productivity as they need to have regular maintenance. This creates downtime. Virtual servers let your business continue to operate, even through their required maintenance. Other benefits include:

  • Virtual servers are equipped with migration capabilities, which make it substantially easier to move data back and forth between servers.
  • Unplanned problems, such as local power outages or slow network traffic, aren't a problem for virtual servers. These issues can be fixed without negatively affecting your business's productivity.

Virtual Desktops Promote Connectivity and Versatility in the Workplace

Similar to having a virtual server, a virtual desktop can allow your staff the choice to work from wherever, on any device, anytime. You also get the benefit of customizable and scalable computing environments in which to provide your employees with all the computing resources they need to be as productive as possible.

You also remove the need to apply patches individually to each system in your network. With a virtual desktop, you only need to apply patches and fixes to a single virtual entity, decreasing time and money spent upgrading hardware and software.

Reduce your Organization’s Footprint

Another benefit of virtualization is that companies that rely on virtual infrastructure can reduce the amount of energy they consume and the amount of waste they produce. Since virtualization allows an organization to do more with less, they often see a substantial reduction in power used. This not only saves your company money, but allows for the sustainability of important resources.

In a world where technology is growing more and more prominent, your business can't afford to fall behind. It's a technological arms race and the IT Superheros at Merino Computing Concepts are there to help lead your business past your competitors.

For more information about how your company can utilize virtualization consolidation computing and financial resources, while improving productivity, call us today at (209) 365-6800.

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