Server Design and Implementation Services

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Implementing the right server can be a major problem for a business. What happens if your servers were to fail?

Do you have a backup option?

With Merino Computer Concept's server design and implementation services, you'll get comprehensive IT infrastructure design and the expertise to put in place a secure and dynamic server for your core business needs.

Without a sound IT infrastructure, your business runs the risk of falling into disarray in the event of a disaster. Mission-critical elements of your business could be compromised. In order to get the computing resources your organization needs, you need a server that fits.

Our years of computing experience is why we are the server deployment experts for small businesses and enterprises, alike. 

Server Installation

You have different server needs than the next business, so why should you have the same central computing infrastructure as them? At Merino Computer Concepts, we have the know-how to produce server solutions that work for all fashions of business computing. We'll design a server that best fits your company's needs, implement it, and get your business up and running fast.

Traditionally, the capital expense of purchasing a new server and getting it calibrated can cost your business a lot of time and money. By taking advantage of our cost-effective services, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we'll find you the best deal on a quality piece of hardware. We'll also work with you to develop a thorough IT roadmap that will help your organization prepare for your thorough IT renovation.

By knowing exactly where all of your assets are going, you can better prepare for the future of your business.

Virtualize and Consolidate Your Server

Physical servers place severe limitations on your company's potential, and take up lots of space and are at the mercy of any number of disasters. Remediate this issue by switching to a single powerful virtual server. With our hosted server solutions, you'll be able to:

  • Remove the cost of physical server maintenance and repair bills by removing the physical server altogether.
  • Experience minimal downtime while we're performing server maintenance.
  • Continue working while we resolve any issues that are created.

Waste No Time with Server Migration

When it comes time to moving your data from one server to another, the process can cause substantial downtime. At Merino Computer Concepts, we can provide you with the level of professional expertise your company looks for in a IT services partner.

We'll work to get your data migrated from your old server to your new server as quickly and painlessly as possible, regardless of the solution your organization selects. While we are moving your company information, your employees will still be able to work, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Designing the perfect server for your needs is crucial for your business, and Merino Computer Concepts are versed in industry best practices in regards to the implementation and maintenance of a powerful and dynamic IT infrastructure. We'll work tirelessly with you to make sure your business gets the most out of your servers. We also feature data redundancy solutions that promote uptime.

To get started, fill out our Contact Us form or give us a call at (209) 365-6800.

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