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Are you looking to add to your organization's computing capabilities, but don’t have access to the space or financial resources to house your own servers?

Would you like to get the most out of the computing resources your company does have?

The technology professionals at Merino Computer Concepts can present you with powerful hosted solutions. Our IT Superheros have decades of experience with the design and implementation of state-of-the-art computer interfaces for businesses of all sizes and are proud to offer a comprehensive hosted desktop solutions for organizations of any size, shape, or purpose.

Centralized computing has been available for 20 years, but today's virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can present your organization with a dynamic software-delivery system that is conducive to the creation of an efficient, productive business.

The cost savings your organization will see by centralizing your company's computing environment is substantial, as you no longer have to pay for the physical hardware, the electricity, management, and maintenance of the system. This presents any organization incredible flexibility without the headache associated with costly downtime. 

Find Purpose for Your Old Hardware

With virtualization becoming commonplace as a flexible and cost-effective solution, many organizations are migrating their computing needs over to the cloud and are seeing the dynamic benefits that the cloud can provide their organization. These include:

  • Dynamic computing environments equipped with all the software titles your organization needs to be successful.
  • Securing access to software and company files from anywhere at anytime.
  • Significant reductions in downtime.
  • The flexibility to purchase only the computing your organization needs.
  • The ability to repurpose your current hardware as thin clients.

Managed Computing Environments

At Merino Computer Concepts, we can provide you with the flexibility of a hosted desktop solution that is completely managed and maintained to take the support burden off of your organization.

Our hosted desktop environment program presents powerful options other organizations don't implement; specifically the customization of the environment. Each environment allows for the software applications that your staff depends on to be housed virtually in a centralized virtual server and broadcast to your dynamic virtual desktop.

With our hosted desktop solution, your organization’s data is available from anywhere users have broadband Internet access, providing a portal for your employees to get more done, from more places, securely. Follow the lead of over one-half of modern businesses and consider moving your desktop to the cloud.

For more information about Merino Computer Concepts’ hosted desktop design, implementation, and support services, call us today at (209) 365-6800.

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