Cloud Computing: Design, Support, & Implementation for Businesses

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Have you considered cloud computing as a way to enhance your company's productivity?

If you have, you’ve come to the right place. The IT professionals at Merino Computer Concepts can design, implement, and support a comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure that will give your company the computing flexibility and mobility it's looking for.

There are three main deployment models for cloud computing: Public cloud, private cloud, and the hybrid cloud. The three are defined as:

  • Public Cloud - The public cloud describes a hosted solution that is shared by multiple entities. Many public cloud services are free or use the pay-by-user pricing model. These cloud solutions are almost universally managed by the provider as most don't allow for direct connectivity.

  • Private Cloud - The private cloud is a computing service that has been developed and created for use by one sole organization. This ensures the security and privacy that many organizations are looking for when they move to a cloud platform.

  • Hybrid Cloud - A hybrid cloud is a computing infrastructure that is bound together through the use of multiple cloud interfaces. Since many businesses rely on cloud-based email or communications, the hybrid cloud is popular among organizations looking to get the most out of their computing environments, with multi-layered security for mission-critical applications.

At Merino Computer Concepts, our certified technicians are proficient in the creation of in-house or hosted cloud solutions that directly meet your organization's needs.

From mission-critical processes like email, to the dispersal of software development platforms, the trusted IT professionals at Merino have hosted solutions that fit any computing need your company might have.

Get the Cloud System Your Business Needs

The proliferation of an efficiently-designed and dynamic cloud computing system not only provides your organization with the mobility you seek, it also provides the opportunity to avoid the large capital outlays that normally accompany advancements in technology.

We provide a comprehensive hosted server solution that allows your organization the flexibility of paying for the computing power, space, and security your organization needs. Our cloud platform also features built-in redundancy to ensure for optimal uptime and data security.

If your organization is searching for a cost-effective alternative to buying new hardware, or if you are searching for a partner to help you increase your computing capabilities without large capital expenditures, look no further than Merino Computer Concepts.

Our staff of reliable, experienced IT professionals can design and implement a completely managed and secure computing infrastructure that is customized specifically for your company’s needs.

In today's connected culture, companies have begun to embrace cost-effective ways to enhance their mobility. If cloud computing makes sense for your company, fill out our Contact Us form or give us a call at (209) 365-6800.

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